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Here in the southern hemisphere we’re welcoming the season of Spring, a time of new life, new beginnings and expectation. The energy is ramping up and this intensity is set to increase exponentially until the end of the year.

September is a ‘4’ month in numerology (9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4). For my regular readers you will probably recall that 2020 is also a ‘4’ Universal year (2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4). This means we’re receiving a double whammy of the ‘4’ energy throughout the whole month of September.

In numerology number 4 sits on the physical plane, helping us to ground and centre. This is Earth energy and there is much happening both within and around the Earth at a physical level. This time on Earth is so much more than regeneration and renewal. A massive shift of energy is occurring as both the Earth and our physical bodies adapt to these frequency changes. The ‘4’ energy has immense power at this time.

Number 4 is associated with Uranus, a planet that is concerned with sudden change. Most of us would agree that life is fast paced as never before and the energy we’re experiencing is extreme. Number 4 brings great ability to focus and to get the job done, however, Uranus can be extreme and may bring volatility. We are likely to feel more passionate about projects now than at other times and put lots of energy into them.

Although I’m not an activist by nature I’ve joined an action group endeavouring to save a pristine area of Bushland and ancient limestone cliffs from being destroyed to make way for a Marina and housing development at Ocean Reef in Perth’s northern suburbs. I feel myself becoming increasingly passionate as I support the cause to minimise decimation of this beautiful area.

Because of these strong energy spikes happening that serve to open us up we need to take special care of our bodies not only this month but throughout this ‘4’ year. The strong connection between number 4 and our personal health means that we are being called to rest more, go out in nature, drink more water to support our body’s changing needs as we go through these changes.

If your birthdate adds up and reduces to 4, or if you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month, you carry the ‘4’ energy with you throughout your life. You are likely to be responsible, hard-working, focussed and loyal. It’s probably a good idea to try to avoid burning the candle at both ends and to take time out from your busy life to have some fun and relaxation. It’s important for us all to replenish both mind and body as much as possible as we navigate these momentous changes.

August is a ‘3’ month in numerology (8 2 0 2 0 = 12; 1 2 = 3). This is a month of expansion and joyful expression. Represented by the Divine triangle pointing to the heavens, 3 is said to connect Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is a significant time of universal connection for humanity and of uncovering our uniqueness as spiritual beings on the Earth. We have moved into an exciting month where we can more readily expand our awareness, our oneness and our sacredness.

There are several things we can do to move with the flow of this month’s energy. Number 3 is attributed to the planet Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius. Spending time in good
company with friends and family, finding new places to visit, working with colour to bring new life to a room in our home; all of these activities bring a certain vibrancy into our lives.


Sagittarius is a Fire sign and needs the energy to expand. We can expand our awareness through         adventures where we physically travel to experience something new or we may simply watch documentaries or travel shows of other places and cultures in the comfort of our own home. This is an opportune time to join a spiritual group. Our lives are enriched and fulfilled when we are able to broaden our horizons.

One way to deepen our connection with the universe is to go outside at night and gaze at the stars. On the subject of stars, the opening of the Lionsgate will be occurring next week. Every year when the Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo a portal opens in the heavens. On the day of this writing it is the first of August which means this portal has already commenced opening. Its widest opening will occur in a week’s time on the 8thday of the 8th month. This is a cosmic alignment called the “Lions Gateway”.

The gateway opening has to do with the Sun, the Earth and the fixed star Sirius. Sirius, the Dog Star, is known as our “Spiritual Sun” and is said to be a place of higher consciousness that holds the energy of pure love. The ancients believe Sirius to be the gateway to heaven and that when we leave our physical bodies our souls travel there.

The Lionsgate opening has been observed and honoured by the Egyptians for thousands of years. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. With the portal fully opening on the 8th, as well as a physical alignment, a spiritual alignment occurs. An intense surge of light activates our human energy field and ignites our DNA, transmitting high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening.

Returning to numerology, number 8 on its side is the infinity symbol. This relates to limitless power and cycles of time. Physical and spiritual components of the gateway opening are evident in the number 8; one circle represents the physical and the other the spiritual. Eight is also the number of balance.

During the lead-up to the Lionsgate opening this spiritual energy intensifies and begins to wane after the 8th. Right now is such an important time. We can use this opportunity to take note of the messages in our dreams, connect with our guides and ancestors, use the power of this energy to help overcome any fears and to manifest our passions. The Lionsgate opening is helping us to move forward on our ascension path. In honouring this process, we are honouring ourselves and our commitment to being on Earth at this time.

With much Love and many Blessings,


I believe we’re in for another interesting ride this month. This is because July 2020 is comprised of a Master number. Master numbers are 11, 22 and 33. There’s also another Master number which is rarely seen and that’s 44. Master numbers have all the qualities of their base numbers but operate at a higher frequency.

To do this month’s calculations we add the numbers of the month and year together:
7 2 0 2 0. The total = 11, a Master number that reduces to the base number 2 (1 1). In this instance, the vibrations of both the 11 and 2 apply.

Number 2 brings with it all of the qualities of the Moon, so it’s important to nurture ourselves and others. Massage, meditation, yoga or any gentle exercise such as swimming is ideal. We are likely to be more instinctual and it’s good to check out our gut feelings when making decisions; these will serve us well. With so much happening in the world currently, there’ll be bucketloads of compassion released, another attribute of the number 2.

Now onto the Master 11:

The 11 vibration helps to illuminate what has been hidden. Known as the Spiritual Messenger, 11 is the connector between Earth and the spiritual realm. Our intuition will be greatly increased, and we may even have prophetic insights as long as we take the time to slow down and absorb and process these energies from Spirit.

The 11 may also bring unresolved childhood fears to the forefront of our mind to be worked through and we are likely to be more emotional than usual. Any challenges we may face are sent to strengthen our spiritual connection in order to move forward in a new way.

If you’re seeing repeating numbers everywhere, like 11:11 or 222 for instance, these are messages from the Angels to let you know you are being supported. These messages are also validation that you’re on the right path, so keep going with whatever you’re hoping to achieve. And above all, these messages and synchronicities are being sent to increase our awareness that our own frequency and vibration is increasing as humanity goes through a huge evolutionary leap. I’m really looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

Hello Everyone,   Today heralds in a new season and the beginning of winter for those of us in the southern hemisphere. The exciting news is that June also brings with it a whole new energy – that of new beginnings.   As the pandemic loosens its hold I now realise that being in a self-isolation bubble these past few months I have gained a new awareness of self. Like many others, I’ve also been incubating new ideas and am now writing an online numerology course that I hope to launch by the end of June.   May was a month of endings and letting go of what no longer serves us. This brought opportunities as well as huge challenges for many; we were asked to leave behind old patterns in preparation to embrace the new energy. As predicted, the end of May saw the pandemic’s influence weaken and we are especially fortunate in Australia that restrictions are being lifted.   June is a 1 Universal month (6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1). Just as the chrysalis transmutes into a butterfly, we are beginning to have a taste of freedom. This is an exciting time; a month of new beginnings. We are now steeped in creation energy. In this fascinating time in history, we are seeing beginnings of progress into the future of humanity as we move towards empowerment.   Number 1 is ruled by the Sun, and is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo, bringing confidence, courage and optimism.  At a personal level, the ‘1’ energy gives us focus and determination. These are great assets if we’re getting a new project off the ground or learning something new.   If your birthdate adds up and reduces to 1, or if you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, the 1 energy is with you throughout your life.   Actor and director George Clooney is a Life Path 1. Born on 6th May 1961 (6/5/1961) his long and successful career is no doubt the result of his extraordinary drive, determination and confidence.   Have a great month! I would love to hear about the new happenings in your own lives.

We’re so lucky in Western Australia that social isolation rules were relaxed earlier this week to enable groups of ten people to gather at a time. Instead of the drive-by Birthday previously planned for our granddaughter Eloise who turned thirteen today, my husband and I will be able to spend time with her and other family members to celebrate in person.

I hope you’re doing well in these powerful times of change. With the global lockdown well underway, April was a unique and challenging time. April was an 8 Universal month (4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 8), which brought much resilience. The ‘8’ energy also signified that energetically balance was gradually being restored as we learnt to manage our lives in a different way.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have heard me mention a couple of months ago that I felt the end of May could see the pandemic loosen its hold. Although I don’t usually make mundane predictions, May 2020 is a 9 Universal month (5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 9) and number 9 signifies completion.

May is therefore a great time to tie up loose ends, push through to finalise a project, or finish that piece of artwork that’s been sitting around. Nine is ruled by the red-hot planet Mars owning the sign of Aries. Mars is a fire sign that brings much drive and energy. This is a great month to get things done.

As a time of endings rather than beginnings this is also the time to let go of the things that no longer serve us. This could mean releasing stuck emotional baggage or even endings in personal or business relationships. Letting go is important at this time as we can only move forward fully into the ‘1’ energy of June with its new beginnings if we’ve resolved issues from the past.

If your birthdate adds up and reduces to 9, or if you were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th of the month, the 9 energy is with you throughout your life. You probably have strong views and are not afraid of declaring these to others. You have great vision and, with much idealism may be champion of many causes.

Life Path 9s love drama and are often seen in the entertainment industry. English singer and songwriter Adele, born on 5th May 1988 (5/5/1988) is one such example. She is known not only for her beautiful singing voice but also as a strong humanitarian and philanthropist.

Have a great month! I would love to hear what evolves for you personally.

With much Love and many Blessings,


Last month, in experiencing the introspective 7 energy, external happenings saw us withdraw from many of our usual everyday activities and seek new ways to function. The 7 energy causes us to feel things very deeply and March (3 2 0 2 0 = 7), has definitely been a difficult and worrying month for us all. Seven is a spiritual number so vibrationally the expression of grief in any form helps strengthen us spiritually, even though we may not think so when experiencing overwhelming emotions.

I was fortunate to have incredibly positive spiritual experiences in New Zealand, attending a healing workshop and travelling around parts of the beautiful North island. I flew into Auckland the day before the New Zealand border was closed to incoming overseas travellers. The universe was definitely supporting me on my spiritual journey, even though I did have to return home to Perth a few days earlier than planned before the Australian government closed our own borders. I was grateful that Qantas ground staff helped me get through flight cancellations, delays, and airport congestion. I am now back in Perth enjoying the mandatory two weeks self-isolation.

I’ve been catching up by phone and Skype with friends I haven’t spoken to for some time and checking in on my 98-year old neighbour who lives alone. As well as doing a great deal of self-reflection, I’ve also been doing lots of writing. I feel very blessed to have the freedom of my garden as many people are confined to small one-bedroom flats and apartments several stories high.

April 2020 is an 8 Universal month (4 2 0 2 0 = 8). Number 8 when placed on its side is the infinity symbol. Comprised of two circles, one circle represents the physical and the other the spiritual. We are being asked at the present time to rebalance both our outer and our inner worlds.

The 8 energy brings increased energy and confidence and supports us in manifesting our dreams. Whereas March saw us retreat and go within, April has a grounding energy helping give resilience.

During these difficult times it is heartening to know that we are moving into an energy of abundance. We are being given the opportunity to readjust our choices and our values and to find new ways to deepen that connection both with ourselves and with those in our lives. Our human frequency is expanding.

The planetary ruler of number 8 is Saturn, ‘old man time’. Saturn brings a slowing down of energy and helps us plan one step at a time. It also brings resilience and supports us in our decision-making. Saturn rules the zodiac sign of Capricorn, so this month is about Earth energy.

As well as physical and economic challenges, many of us are currently experiencing mental or emotional overwhelm. We can release some of these worries and emotions by grounding our energies into the Earth. Being out in nature, or if this is not possible, simply looking at photos or pictures of nature will help us ground and centre our energies. For me, the photo of Uluru (at the top of this newsletter) helps me feel grounded and connected. My eldest granddaughter is teaching herself macramé, and creative pursuits provide another avenue of grounding and bringing us back to the present. Overload is also diffused at rest and in connecting with those we love.

This month we are likely to see a lot of changes in the corporate world and with the world’s global players; ultimately I believe these changes will even the playing field. I don’t usually make mundane predictions, but my thoughts are that the Coronavirus will start to disappear towards the end of May (May is a 9 month in numerology, a time of completion). We are about to step into the new energy. This is the most exciting time in history, and I am looking forward to seeing how this unfolds in the coming months.

All numbers have a positive and a negative energy. It is also possible to feel isolated and alone in the 8 energy, especially given the current environment. If you are feeling alone or anxious, I am always available to chat. Just send me a quick email and we can connect by phone.

With much Love and many Blessings.

I usually take a light-hearted approach with my newsletters but decided to write about a more serious topic this month as it is one that affects us all.

The Coronavirus is topical and worth mentioning in relation to the numerology of 2020, a ‘4’ universal year (2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4). The Universal Year helps us discover the trend of events for the whole year. In my January newsletter I mentioned that 2020 would pan out as being an extremely potent year. We are already seeing the year shape up into something completely unexpected.

Here is an excerpt from the numerology book that I am currently writing. It relates specifically to 2020 and was written early last year.

“This is a year of building and consolidation, grounding the creation energies of the previous year into the Earth. Strong foundations are being laid for the future. Health and finances are likely to play a major role in world events. Unexpected happenings are likely that will serve to jolt us out of our comfort zone in order to effect change”.

It is evident to us all that major health and financial issues world-wide stemming from the Coronavirus are resulting in many levels of radical change. Any positives from this enormous tragedy are yet to be seen, however Uranus, ruler of the ‘4’ not only brings upheaval; it also heralds in exciting new discoveries and innovations.

We know that scientists are already racing against the clock to develop vaccines and possibly curative treatments. I believe this is the start of the new paradigm shift and that we will see countries share information and work in a unified manner as never before to urgently solve the problems that humanity is currently facing.

March 2020 is a ‘7’ Universal month ( 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 7). Ruled by the planet Neptune, 7 is the number of learning and higher wisdom. This is a month where much self-understanding is gained through introspection or study. We are likely to want to tuck ourselves away rather than spend time in the company of others.

This is an ideal time to meditate or spend time in nature or near water. Our dreams are especially significant, and we are likely to see patterns emerge if we write them down as soon as we awaken. This may be a testing time for some as the ‘7’ can bring challenges that ultimately deepen our learning.

Have a great month and don’t forget to take some time out for yourself.

Welcome to my February Newsletter.

Where did January go?  I don’t know about you, but it seemed to me that the month of January fleetingly appeared and then was over in a flash. Whereas January, with its high energy ‘5’ vibration was a hectic, high activity month, February is likely to bring opportunities for us to slow down and spend time enjoying the pleasures of life.

The month of February 2020 (2/2020)  is a ‘6’ month in numerology (2 2 0 2 0 = 6). Six is the number of harmony. With its feminine energy it needs a peaceful life in order to maintain balance.

Six is ruled by the planet Venus, highlighting love, relationships and beauty. Venus oversees the sign of Libra, an Air sign, emphasising the importance of good communication. The energy of this month will support us in clearing the air and resolving any misunderstandings we may have with others. The emphasis is on mutual co-operation.

If your birthdate adds up to a 6, or if you were born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of the month, you carry the ‘6’ energy with you. You are patient and kind with a great love of family and home. At times you feel a huge responsibility to others. This can sometimes be burdensome especially when you put the needs of others before your own. With a strong dislike of conflict, you try and keep the peace whatever the cost.

With the Australian bushfires resulting in the death of so much wildlife, Steve Irwin, with his close relationship to the natural world, comes to mind. A brief description of Steve as a Life Path 6 is given below.

Steve Irwin was a renowned wildlife expert, zookeeper and environmentalist. With the birthdate of 22nd February 1962 (22/2/1962) Steve was a Life Path 6. Number 6 is about love and responsibility to others. Steve had a deep love of family and an immense love of the animal kingdom. His special relationship with animals included an uncanny knack of understanding them. Steve had great focus and vision, both attributes of the Number 6, and worked tirelessly to protect and save endangered species of wildlife.
Although Steve died suddenly in 2006 after sustaining a fatal stingray injury to the heart, his conservation work continues through his wife Terri and their two children Bindi and Bob.


Welcome to this exciting year of 2020!

Not only have we heralded in a new decade, we have also moved into a new and important spiritual cycle.

At a spiritual level, life moves forward in cycles of seven years. The last seven-year cycle began in 2013 and represented an adjustment period. Many of us experienced Ascension symptoms at a physical level – recurrent headaches, lethargy, insomnia, feeling out of sorts but not knowing why, etc. as our physical bodies adjusted to massive Earth changes. With the ending of 2019, this cycle and the whole period of adjustment is now complete.

This new year of 2020 is especially potent. It marks the beginning of a whole new seven year cycle accompanied by a dramatic upward shift in our energy or vibration. We are in a Universal 4 year (2 0 2 0 = 4). Number 4 is on the physical plane. It represents stability, endurance, strength and most importantly, forward movement. We are being supported to ground our energies into reality and focus on what we really want. With strong intent, manifestation of our dreams is more possible than ever before.

Four is ruled by the rebellious planet Uranus that breaks rules and challenges the status quo. Speaking our truth will help our bodies come into balance, open new channels and allow  positive energy to flow. Much can be accomplished this year both at a personal and also a spiritual level.

In summary, if we can use this great flow of energy wisely, there is great promise of fulfilment awaiting us in 2020. If your birthdate adds up and reduces to 4, or if you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of the month, you carry the 4 energy with you. This 4 year is especially powerful for you as it is likely to be a year of great passion, much change and achievement.

Wishing you many Blessings and a wonderful year ahead.


Welcome to the first day of summer and the final month of 2019. It certainly has been a whirlwind kind of year and I think most of us would agree it’s difficult to comprehend that this year is almost complete.

2019 is a ‘3’ year (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3) that has brought excitement for many as well as a scattering of energy and lots of ups and downs. Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter which is a Fire sign, and unfortunately many parts of Australia have experienced the element of fire in a deeply physical way with the raging of devastating fires, especially in the Eastern states. Number 3 brings much cleansing energy and is the catalyst for change both at a mundane and a personal level. Fortunately, change is followed by renewal.

Next year, 2020 is a ‘4’ year. Number 4 is ruled by Saturn, an Earth sign. There will be much regeneration and renewal both at a physical level affecting the earth as well as at a personal level. In contrast to the energy of this year, 2020 will bring energy to help us ground and focus. But more of this next year!

December 2019 is a ‘6’ month in numerology (1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6). With the Christmas festivities fast approaching this is an ideal month to spend time in the company of family and friends and to entertain and be entertained.

Number 6 is ruled by the planet Venus, associated with the dual signs of Libra and Taurus. Libra is an Air sign relating to communication and Taurus is an Earth sign, ruling the voice. This is a great time to communicate with others at a deep level.

If you need to clear the air or get in touch with family or friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time, the universe will support you in doing this. Listening to your favourite songs or even singing along with them will help lift your vibration. Six is a humanitarian number so this is also an ideal time to think of and reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Especially in this festive season we may easily overspend on Christmas gifts or overindulge in too many Christmas treats and drinks. We may need to be mindful that because of the influence of Taurus, we are more likely to overdo things.

Have a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you good health and much happiness.

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