Jeanne’s insightful book, ‘Numerology and Your Child’
provides a vital key to understanding children through the lens of numerology. 

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Jeanne has been fascinated with numerology since her late twenties. Her journey through the numbers led her to consult, teach and most recently, to write.

She is especially passionate about children’s numerology. This comes not only because Jeanne is a parent and grandparent herself; but she has also completed countless numerology charts requested by her clients – parents of infants and small children or relatives wanting to gift a chart to new parents.

This ultimately led to an eight-year research and book writing project, endeavouring, through the numbers to find out why the new generation of children is so different from any who have gone before.

Introducing Jeanne

Jeanne Prosser is a leading numerologist, author and wellness practitioner. Jeanne ‘found’ both numerology and astrology when searching for answers following her brother’s death 40 years ago. She combines numbers and planets in her readings.

As well as holding workshops in Western Australia Jeanne is a regular reader and speaker at Expos. She also does readings by phone and zoom call. Children’s written numerology profiles are a specialty.

Jeanne lives in Perth’s northern suburbs with her husband. Having a strong connection with nature she loves travelling on spiritual adventures both in Australia and overseas.

Numerology and Your Child

Jeanne’s insightful book, ‘Numerology and Your Child’ provides a vital key to understanding children through the lens of numerology. By following the simple techniques, you will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of your child’s internal world, as well as new insights into their unique challenges and strengths.

These insights can be incorporated into everyday life to guide your child gently forward on their life’s journey whilst maximising opportunities along the way.

For further information or to book a numerology chart specific to your child please email Jeanne via the contact page.

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