Introduction to Numerology

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Would you like to know your potential and purpose and uncover your unique talents and abilities?

Numerology is an amazing tool that can guide us in our everyday life.

Numerology and Your Child

Jeanne’s insightful book, “Numerology and Your Child” provides a vital key to understanding children through the lens of numerology. By following the simple techniques, you will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of your child’s internal world, as well as new insights into their unique challenges and strengths.

These insights can be incorporated into everyday life to guide your child gently forward on their life’s journey whilst maximising opportunities along the way.

For further information or to book a numerology chart specific to your child please email Jeanne

About Jeanne

Jeanne Prosser is a leading Numerologist, author and spiritual mentor. Having a strong connection with nature she loves travelling on spiritual adventures both within Australia and overseas.

Jeanne is passionate about presenting ways to use numerology that help deepen understanding of both ourselves and others and validate our soul’s purpose. As well as holding workshops in Western Australia Jeanne is a regular reader and speaker at Expos.

She is also co-author of “Numerology and Your Child”, a book that provides simple techniques to reward parents with a deeper understanding of their child’s world.