November is a 9 month (1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 9), bringing us to a time of closure of the monthly Universal cycle that began in March. As we complete this cycle it’s important to let go of what no longer serves us. For instance, we may find that our work is no longer satisfying, or that a personal relationship has run its course. 

Certain material belongings may no longer have relevance or importance in our lives. As an example, I doubt I’ll ever part with my Numerology and Astrology books; however currently I find myself sifting through twenty or so books on herbs and tincture-making collected over the years. Whilst intending to keep a few of these that I regularly use for reference, most will be wending their way to new homes for others to enjoy. I’ve also begun decluttering my bedroom, starting with the walk-in robe and items of clothing that no longer fit.

Physical decluttering of our house helps release stuck emotional baggage and clears the way for new energy to enter. Smudging is also important to get rid of stagnant energy, paying special attention to room corners and cupboards where energetic debris collects. My smudging tools include Sage, Palo Santo, and sometimes the use of my hoop drum. Setting an intention before commencing this ritual gives it more power and meaning. 

Mars has ownership of number 9, and as ruler of Aries, a fire sign, brings drive, energy, and passion. Its focussed energy supports us in completing projects of any kind. 

In the negative, impatience and carelessness may result in accidents. Giving ourselves a few extra minutes to drive to our destination so that we don’t have to rush, is especially important. Sharp objects are also ruled by Mars, so taking extra care when using gardening tools and kitchen knives may help avoid a nasty cut.

Number 9 brings much wisdom, raising our awareness to new levels of understanding. A quickening of energy at the end of this month will help us raise our personal vibration in preparation for entering a brand new 9-month cycle that commences in December. Old patterns and ways of being are dissolving, and it is heartening to know we are moving quickly forward to a new reality; one with endless possibilities.