July, a 5 month (7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 14; 1 + 4 = 5), brings us to a time in the year when we can best take advantage of opportunities to make positive change in our lives.

Five is a highly emotive, heart-centred number. It supports us in being more open with each other. If we have been holding back from telling someone how we feel, the 5 frequency will enable more open communication. We may also find it easier to reach out and connect with others for mutual emotional support in these turbulent times. 

Five also allows us to access our perception and our senses. Not only does it support intuition; as a flow number it helps us to flow in the direction we’re meant to go. A social and outgoing number, 5 helps us step out of our comfort zone. We may suddenly yearn for new experiences, so July is a great month to stretch ourselves and move beyond what we usually do. This is a time of reinvigoration, of progress, and a time for new dreams.

Each number has both positive and negative qualities. In the negative, we may feel bored or frustrated. Getting away from the mundane routine of everyday life, even for a short outing following a spur of the moment decision, will help free and inspire us.

The planetary ruler of number 5 is Mercury the messenger, overseeing the two signs of Gemini and Virgo. Delivering a rolling stone kind of energy, Mercury propels us quickly forward, helping gather information, knowledge and understanding along the way. Mercury also supports us in being more flexible, both physically and mentally. Mercury is a changeable planet, so expect frequent changes of mind.

We have just entered the second half of a 7 year (2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7). Seven is attributed to the planet Neptune, ruling the dreamy sign of Pisces. An important quality of Neptune is that it brings in the element of wisdom, in particular spiritual wisdom, allowing us more readily to tap into our subconscious. Neptune is a water sign; like the 5, it’s also to do with connectivity, helping us move through our emotions. Water is also resilient; it pours through nooks and crannies, always finding a way through.

An important happening is that on the seventh of this month we will be receiving new Light codes that will help guide us towards a new reality, one of peace, harmony, love, and joy. These codes will be streaming to Earth via the 7-7-7 frequency (7 July 2023 = 7,7,7). As we move through the first third of July this planetary energy wave will be intense. We can use the power of these vibrations to connect with our guides and helpers. We may wish to ask for help to overcome any fears, and to support manifestation of our true desires. 

If we’re feeling emotional, water brings balance. Being near the ocean or a river or seeing a waterfall in our minds eye will bring soothing, calming energy to help bring us back into balance. It may be good to remember that any emotional release that may occur serves to deepen self-empowerment and enhance spiritual understanding and growth.