Numerology And Your Child


Jeanne and Penny have been delving into the workings of numerology for over 35 years. Using the vibrations of numbers to extrapolate a wealth of information, they help people navigate this complex world we live in. Children’s charts hold a particular fascination.

Raising children in today’s world can be a complicated and confusing process. Commencing in the early 1980s there seems to have been an evolutionary leap with the ‘new children’ arriving on our planet.

This influx of unique children with enormous potential is still continuing. They are compassionate and heart-centred, creative and knowing. They are also non-conforming, easily frustrated and difficult to fathom.

Numerology and Your Child provides a vital key to understanding children through the lens of numerology.

By following the simple techniques provided you will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of your child’s internal world, as well as new insights into their unique challenges and strengths.

These insights can be incorporated into everyday life to guide your child gently forward on their life’s journey whilst maximising opportunities along the way.

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Introduction To Numerology Online Course

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Would you like to know your potential and purpose and uncover your unique talents and abilities?

Numerology is an amazing tool that can guide us in our everyday life. Jeanne Prosser will take you on a fascinating journey into numerology, helping you discover who you truly are.  Her introduction to numerology course consists of 5 modules. The techniques are easy to follow with examples drawn from celebrity birth dates.