Last month with its 7/7 energy was certainly intense! As we move into October, this 8 Universal month (1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 8), brings a slowing down of energy that seems so inviting during these chaotic times. This is because Saturn, the planet associated with number 8 and known as “Father Time”, is heralding in the end of the cycle on the material plane. 

If we look back to March of this year, a 1 month and the beginning of this 9-month cycle, this was seed sowing time, a time to begin new projects. This month we can harvest what was sown. If we’ve planned and prepared well, much will come to fruition. 

As a personal example, anyone who knows me understands how much I love my garden, and after moving house late last year a new garden with cheerful plants was high on my list of priorities. In March I began a huge gardening project. In the first instance this involved knocking down the back wall of our garage to allow rear access to the back garden. 

Since then, my friend and I have designed new garden beds, installed limestone edging, dug in three trailer loads of fresh soil, and spent a delightful half-day selecting and planting new flower and vegetable seedlings, shrubs, and trees. My husband organised the reticulation, and I’m finally rewarded with a colourful garden to delight the senses. I’m also harvesting herbs and vegetables on a daily basis. 

This month I plan to spend more time relaxing in the garden enjoying what has been created. An added bonus is that our new patio that was ordered in March was installed only last week. The 8 energy can bring great abundance our way, and much satisfaction of a job well done.

Additionally, we are being provided with opportunities that help expand our awareness as well as our horizons; however in order to avail ourselves of these, we must let go of rigidity and the need to control our environment. Freedom from illusion and any feelings of powerlessness or fear that we may be holding onto, whether collective or personal will allow us to stand in our own truth and authority. As we navigate our outer world, we are being encouraged to use our gifts to the full.

Number 8 with its two circles is also about balance. As our current experience of our outer world continues to grow, our inner world is expanding as well, helping bring equilibrium to our lives.