Happy New Year everyone.

 It seems difficult to comprehend that another year has flown by. 2023 was a 7 Universal year (2 + 0 + 2 + 3), attributed to the element of water, bringing intensity of feelings, and helping release deeply held emotions. This has been a time of great learning, supporting us in understanding what is truly important in our lives. 

2024 is an 8 year (2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8), governed by Saturn and the sign of Capricorn. With its steadfast energy, we are likely to feel more resilient and better able to cope with any challenges that may arise. This is Earth energy, helping ground us into reality, strengthening our intentions and our resolve. 

Eight is a big picture number, so we can confidently set big goals at the beginning of the year. If these goals are realistic, we are likely to succeed in whatever we hope to achieve. Associated with abundance, this is also a great year for manifesting what we truly desire to bring our dreams to fruition. 

The 8 also helps us stay with our own inner truths, balancing any conflicts that arise between our own inner selves and our current experience of the outer world, restoring equilibrium. 

With its two conjoined circles, one representing the physical and the other the spiritual, 8 is the number of fair judgment and authority, bringing humanitarian understanding. Finances are highlighted throughout the year, and many corrupt corporations will finally meet their demise.

Consciousness is accelerating, and this is an exciting year of change on our planet. When we turn the 8 on its side, we see the infinity symbol. This symbol represents endless possibilities for finally bringing some of those negative repeating cycles to resolution. 

These possibilities are likely to be realised this year because 2024 also carries the vibration of a powerful Master number, that of 22/4. In combination, the 8 and 22 vibrations work in unison to clear dense Universal and personal karma. Although there may be challenges, once resolved, whatever has been cleared is not likely to form part of any future repetitive loop. 

22/4 is the Master Builder. This means that even though old systems are still dissolving, new foundations will be laid this year. The cosmos is supporting humanity’s awakening through these massive changes, and we can also expect a deepening of spiritual understanding at a level never previously experienced. There is much to be grateful for. 

January is a 9 Universal month (1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4), bringing much wisdom, and through its collective vibration, raising our awareness to new levels of understanding. Mars, ruling Aries, has ownership of the number 9. Mars is a fire sign that brings drive, energy, and passion. This is a great month to not only let go of the past, but to forge ahead and get things done. In the negative, the 9 vibration may also bring drama into our lives, so it’s best to walk away if a disagreement is brewing. 

As old patterns and ways of being continue to dissolve, it is heartening to know we are moving quickly forward to a new reality; one with endless possibilities. This monumental shift is bringing a collective awakening. The time of peace, love, and abundance for all is inching ever closer.