It’s hard to believe we’re into another month already! Time as we know it continues to speed up and with it comes much change. Speaking of change, August is a 4 month (8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4). Number 4 is associated with the planet Uranus, the great awakener. Uranus can be extreme and may bring volatility. We can expect sudden shifts in world events to help move us forward. At a personal level, we may also experience a change in our thinking.

This time on Earth is so much more than regeneration and renewal. A massive shift of energy is occurring. Mother Earth has already adapted to these shifts; our physical bodies are now doing the same.

Because of these strong energy spikes happening that serve to open us up we need to take special care of our bodies. The strong connection between number 4 and our personal health means that we are being called to rest more, go out in nature, drink more water to support our body’s changing needs. As we navigate these momentous changes it’s important for us all to replenish both mind and body as much as possible.

We are likely to feel more passionate about projects now than at other times and put lots of energy into them. Even though this energy is erratic, 4 is a hard work number that helps us push through. 

Every year when the Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo a portal opens in the heavens because of an incredible cosmic alignment called the “Lions Gateway”. On the day of this writing, the first of August, the Lionsgate portal has already commenced opening. Its widest opening will occur in a week’s time on the 8thday of the 8th month, the most potent day of the year. 

The Lionsgate opening has been observed and honoured by the Egyptians for thousands of years. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. With the portal fully opening on the 8th, as well as a physical alignment, a spiritual alignment occurs. An intense surge of light activates our human energy field and ignites our DNA, transmitting high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening.  

The gateway opening has to do with the Sun, the Earth, and the fixed star Sirius. The ancients believe Sirius to be the gateway to heaven and that when we leave our physical bodies our souls travel there. Sirius, the Dog Star, is known as our “Spiritual Sun” and is said to be a place of higher consciousness that holds the energy of pure love. The adage, “Love makes the world go round” is especially relevant right now. When the Gateway is open, not only are we able to receive Love more readily; we can do our part by sending Love out to the world to support the shift of energy necessary to bring our lives back into balance. 

During the lead-up to the Lionsgate opening this spiritual energy intensifies and begins to wane after the 8th. We can use this opportunity to take note of the messages in our dreams, connect with our guides and ancestors, use the power of this energy to help overcome any fears and to manifest our passions. The Lionsgate opening is helping us to move forward on our ascension path. In honouring this process, we are honouring ourselves and our commitment to being on Earth at this time. 

Returning to the number 4, if your birthdate adds up and reduces to 4, or if you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month, you carry the ‘4’ energy with you throughout your life. On occasion you will be thrown in the deep end as unexpected events occur to move you forward. You are likely to be responsible, hard-working, focussed, and loyal. It’s probably a good idea to try to avoid burning the candle at both ends and to take time out from your busy life to have some fun and relaxation. 

Many of you send me messages of thanks and provide feedback on my monthly newsletters. It is a huge honour to be able to share information as well as my personal thoughts on current happenings and to know you continue to enjoy this monthly read.