This month brings calming energies to help soften the noise of the external world with its chaos and confusion. As we enter October, a 7 month (1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 7) we are being urged to go within where there is a tremendous healing force awakening. 

This is a time of restoration, a time for reflection and renewal. To make the most of these gentle energies we need to give ourselves the time and space to restore body and mind. We are being encouraged to find the sweetness of life; to find hope. We are being supported in going into our heart-space to find our own inner truths.

Seven is associated with the planet Neptune, a highly spiritual planet. Neptune rules Pisces, a water sign. We can take advantage of these gentle energies by sitting near water or bathing in essential oils. Our dreams are especially significant at this time, and if we write them down as soon as we awaken, we may see interesting patterns emerge. Meditation and music will also be supportive of our healing. 

In the negative, we may vacillate when making decisions. If possible, postpone any big decisions until next month. This may be a testing time for some as the ‘7’ can bring challenges that serve to open us up and ultimately deepen our learning. We may even be experiencing a loss of some kind, perhaps of a loved one or a beloved pet. In the ‘7’ energy we feel things very deeply.

My husband and I have just sold our house where we have lived for the past twenty-four years. I will miss our neighbours, especially Richard, my elderly neighbour who attained his 101st birthday last month. Because we are downsizing, we are saying goodbye to some of our belongings, many of which hold deep memories for us. In saying this, I’m really excited to be setting up home in another oceanside suburb and look forward to making new memories.

Seven is the number of learning and higher wisdom. We can gain much self-understanding through introspection or study. Even though we are in a 6 year (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6), which is about conviviality and companionship, in this 7 energy we may prefer to tuck ourselves away rather than spend time in the company of others. 

This month brings opportunities to connect with our own inner power and find our own inner truths. If we are able to go into our heart, we will gain more clarity and will be able to embrace our own uniqueness.  

Taking a brief look at name numerology, the first letter of your name holds special significance. If your name begins with G, P, or Y, as in for example the names Gerry, Pat or Yvette, these letters carry the number 7 vibration. With great insight, you have much psychic sensitivity.

It should be noted that although significant, the first initial of your name holds less power than the Life Path number obtained by adding up the numbers in your birth date and reducing these to a single digit.