July is a 6 universal month (7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6). This is certainly a significant month, and not the light-hearted one we would expect in the gentle and loving 6 energy. There are several reasons for the harshness of this month’s energy.

Cosmic happenings are affecting us at a core level, for example the effects of the massive April solar eclipse will be experienced until at least the end of this year. From the end of last month, and leading into this month, high levels of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have been and continue to be emitted by the Sun in increasing numbers and unpredictable intervals. The result is being seen in geometric storms that disrupt power systems, satellite navigation, and so forth. Astrologically, major shifts of planets have occurred within our solar system, having a heavy influence on our own planet.

It was around June 28th that I saw hundreds of white-tailed Cockatoos careening around the skies above my house and other nearby properties, seemingly confused as they traversed this way and that. Later in the day, driving through a suburb several kilometres from my house I saw another huge flock of Cockatoos performing in the same manner as before. I’m wondering if these solar storms are resulting in navigation errors, not only for the birds, but also whales and dolphins as they continue their journey along the coast.

I have been sleeping poorly, experiencing strange dreams, minor digestive issues, and generally feeling out of balance. I believe these massive solar storms are the likely culprit. I would love some feedback on how others are feeling at present.

Fortunately, there is a wonderfully positive side to these cosmic happenings. They are helping shift our awareness to a higher level, and it is heartening to know that through this confusion, belief systems will change, and clarity will emerge.  

Returning to numerology, we are moving at a rapid pace through an unyielding 8 year (2 + 0 + 2 + 4). Eight is associated with the no-nonsense planet Saturn. This tough and intense energy helps clear karma, in preparation for the upcoming shift into a new consciousness.

Venus is associated with the number 6, ruling Libra and Taurus. Taurus is an Earth sign, and the breaking up of the earth can either be literal, as in an earthquake; it may also represent an earth-shattering political or financial event. The number 6 and Taurus have a strong relationship to health. In combination with Libra, an Air sign supporting clear and open communication, a huge health industry disclosure is likely to be on the horizon.

Venus is also concerned with finances, so we can expect big news in this regard, with ongoing changes that will ultimately herald in the rebuilding of our world’s financial systems.  

Pluto, planet of the underworld in the first degree of rebellious and futuristic Aquarius, continues to uncover all that is murky and evil, helping bring truth to the Light. Uranus and Mars also conjoin in the skies. This explosive combination can, if allowed, bring drama into our personal lives. This month we would be wise to keep our heads down, and simply observe what’s happening on the world stage, without getting caught up in it.

Number 6 loves peace. Self-care, self-love, as well as extending compassion to others, will help balance our energies. We are on the brink of something new and wonderful. Remember that we are the Light, and as our vibration increases through Love and Gratitude, we are moving ever-faster towards a New Earth.