July 1st is the mid-point of 2022, and as a 6 universal year (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6), major themes centre around love and healing. Heart energies continue to come up to be fully expressed and it’s important to tell others how we feel. This is a year of giving and receiving and we will benefit most by reaching out to others when we need support. 

If we are feeling, drained, drawn-out, unbalanced, or stuck, this may be because, at a personal level, a karmic unfolding is beginning. This karmic clearing will continue throughout 2023, a 7 year. During the next eighteen months, feelings will deepen, and opportunities will arise to help us remove those dense energies. As we reconnect with our true selves and clear old and repeating patterns, there is no space for resentment, and we can begin to forgive ourselves and others. This will create a new synergy within our field and a deep connection wherein we feel balanced and happy. 

Returning to the month of July, we are currently in a 4 month (7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4). Four is a physical number; it’s about strengthening our foundations.  Associated with the planet Uranus, the great awakener, it can bring extremes and even volatility. We can expect sudden shifts in world events to help move us forward. At a personal level, we may also experience a change in our thinking.

With even bigger energy spikes happening this month that serve to open us up, we need to take special care of our bodies. The strong connection between number 4 and our personal health means that we are being called to rest more, go out in nature, drink more water to support our body’s changing needs. We are navigating momentous changes so it’s vital that we replenish both mind and body.

We are likely to feel more passionate about projects now than at other times and put lots of energy into them. Even though this energy is erratic, 4 is a hard work number that helps us push through. 

Here are three things we can do to work with this month’s energy:

Taking a brief look at name numerology, the first letter of your name holds special significance. If your name begins with D, M, or V, as in for example the names Dee, Matt, or Vicki, these letters carry the number 4 vibration. You are responsible, methodical, and extremely loyal. 

It should be noted that although significant, the first initial of your name holds less power than the Life Path number obtained by adding up the numbers in your birth date and reducing these to a single digit.