The 4 year of 2020 (2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4) has certainly shaped up to be something completely unexpected, a grounding year where we’ve been forced to sit back and take stock of what is happening in most, if not all areas of our lives. Unexpected happenings have served to jolt us out of our comfort zone in order to get rid of old unwanted energies in preparation for the new.

Overall, this has been a year of building and consolidation, Strong foundations are being laid for the future, although we may have to wait until the ‘6’ year (2022) of this universal cycle to see what has been built on a collective level.

Four is concerned with truth and integrity; the way is being cleared to eliminate fake news and fake institutions. Many falsehoods have been and continue to be uncovered.

From the perspective of numerology, the year 2020 cannot be glossed over. Unlike other ‘4’ years it has much more potency. The presence of two zeros emphasise the qualities of the two 2s, bringing compassion, intuition and a sense of knowing. The double-twos give us 22, a powerful Master number whose effects are concentrated into the whole year. Those of my readers who connect with me on Facebook or who have completed my online course will understand that a Master number may bring seemingly insurmountable challenges. Ultimately however, through dealing with these challenges, much learning occurs.

Twenty-two is the number of the Master Builder and as such is concerned with laying new foundations. To build anew we need firstly to get rid of the old, outworn energy. This is what has been happening in this tumultuous year of 2020. Although still difficult to comprehend, change has been occurring at a very deep level. This change is necessary both throughout external systems and also at a deep cellular level within our own bodies in order to prepare us for a promising future, one that for most is still difficult to imagine.

As we move through December, we are likely to be feeling the energies shifting and opening up in preparation for 2021, a ‘5’ universal year. Not only does the ‘5’ energy demand change; it is concerned with attainment of freedom. But more on the number 5 next month.

December is a ‘7’ month ( 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 7). Ruled by the planet Neptune, this is the number of learning and higher wisdom. If we are able to slow down during the hectic Christmas rush, much self-understanding will occur. We are likely to want to tuck ourselves away at times as a kind of ‘stop-go’ energy comes into play, and we may have trouble making decisions.

It is important to process and consolidate the energies of this potent year. Take time out to sit near water, spend time in nature, or write down your feelings. Our dreams are especially significant, and we are likely to see patterns emerge if we write them down as soon as we awaken.

Have a lovely Christmas with your loved ones and may we all look forward to a promising year of transformation in 2021.