Hello everyone and welcome to the start of an exciting new year. After three years of turbulence we are in a time of great change. Finally we are moving forward. Importantly, consciousness is rising on our beautiful planet.

It is through those intense challenges which we chose to experience here on Earth that we are moving forward to a time of freedom. Freedom brings creativity and empowerment, giving us the ability to connect to a new potential.

So this year, a 7 (2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7) is about connection. Seven is attributed to Neptune, ruling the dreamy sign of Pisces. This means that throughout 2023 the element of water predominates. If we look at water, say the ocean, each drop of water connects with another. Water is resilient as it pushes though anything. As it flows, it seeks out nooks and crannies and wears down rocks. It always finds a way. As well as being about connectivity, 2023 therefore brings resilience.  

Water is also about emotion. This will be a highly emotional year. On this path to freedom emotional release brings self-empowerment and deepens spiritual understanding. We can expect our intuition to increase, and to have many “Aha moments”. 

We can use intention to connect with higher realms both during meditative and dream states. Our Archangels and Angels are here to support us; however they will only do so if we first reach out and ask. 

If we’re feeling emotional, water brings balance. Being near the ocean or a river or seeing a waterfall in our minds eye will bring soothing, calming energy to help bring us back into balance. As well as increased emotion, the element of water that dominates the year, is likely to bring more natural disasters such as flooding and tornadoes, clearing the land of negative energies. 

As we navigate the year ahead it’s important to feed our soul with experiences that we enjoy. A new wave of cosmic energy is being ushered in, and in this year of change we are moving into exciting times.

If your birth date adds up and reduces to 7 you are travelling a 7 Life Path. This 7 universal year is a key year for you, bringing heightened sensitivity and unusual psychic experiences. There is a natural flair for, and love of music and the arts. For you, the seeking of wisdom is a lifelong experience. It is vital for you to have time alone to recharge. 

January is an 8 month (1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 8), attributed to the planet Saturn and the Earthy sign of Capricorn. This is a good month for completion of projects and practical success in any area. Having recently moved house, I’m changing the landscape of my back garden. With help, I’ve removed overgrown trees, and am currently preparing the soil in readiness for planting a row of beautiful Magnolias as well as some bird-loving natives.