2021 was a year of deep change, representing a turning point leading into the new. What is exciting is that this year, 2022, is a rare triple number date (222) that last occurred in 1999 and before this in 1888. These triple numbers will not be seen again until 3033. 

222 is a powerful code that, with its intense energy, greatly increases intuition and knowing as well as our connection with the cosmos and each other. Because this is such a high energy year, babies born in 2022 will be emotionally sensitive and are likely to need parental support in their formative years to help harness and direct this energy in a meaningful way. 

Number two is associated with the Moon ruling the sign of Cancer, bringing to the fore bucketloads of compassion. Twenty-two is a Master number, bringing challenges that deepen our learning as new foundations are laid for the future. 

2022 adds up to 6 (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6). Six is associated with Venus, the planet of love and relationships. This is a year of creativity, collaboration, and balance. We are being called to redesign the way in which we lead our lives, to connect with nature and each other, and sustain ourselves in a way that is new and different. As weak bonds like fear and control begin to disintegrate, love takes its rightful place. We are all part of the same human family; this is the time to realign ourselves to each other and our planet.

To move with the flow of energy, it is vital that we spend time doing the things we love. Creativity will be enriched through artistic pursuits, or simply through the use of colour to enhance our home and garden. Wearing colourful clothing will lift our spirits as will song and music. 

Relationships are a central theme, and new and meaningful friendships are likely to be formed to replace those that may have fallen away during 2021s year of change. Relaxation and self-nurturing are important, and reflection time spent in nature will strengthen our relationship with the Earth and the cosmos. During difficult times it may be heartening to know that we are being prepared for a new kind of existence, one of peace, love, and joy.