As we enter the month of June, those dense energies we’ve been experiencing for several years, are finally clearing. We are reconnecting with our true selves, coming to a place of understanding of both ourselves and others. A new synergy is happening within our field, and a deep connection wherein we feel balanced and happy. 

June is a 4 month (6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3= 13; 1 + 3 = 4). Four is a physical number; it’s about strengthening foundations. Associated with the planet Uranus, the great awakener, the 4 energy can bring extremes, and even volatility. We can expect more surprising shifts in world events, as well as in sudden happenings closer to home. 

As we navigate momentous changes, we are being fast-tracked into a whole new reality. This speed of events can be exhausting, so it’s vital that we pause from time to time to replenish both mind and body.

What we think, we create, and the current forward momentum that we’re experiencing greatly potentiates our ability to fulfil our deepest desires. Manifesting occurs when we still our minds, set our intention, and drop into our hearts. This emotional connection is necessary to bring these desires to fruition. 

Even though this energy is erratic, we are likely to feel more passionate about projects now than most other times and put lots of energy into them. Four is a hard work number that helps us push through. Number 4 is also represented by the square. With its four sides, each of equal proportions, this signifies perfection. 

Continuing the theme of house numbers, I hope you will enjoy this snippet of information regarding the numerology of a number 4 house. The description below also applies to any houses with multiple numbers that reduce to 4, for example 13 (1 + 3), 22 (2 + 2), 76 (7 + 6), and so forth.


The 4 house may have an unusual design, or additions or renovations that look random and are at odds with the rest of the building, perhaps with sharp angles. This is likely to be a no-frills house, with everything in its place. Life is busy for its occupants who are probably laying firm foundations for their future. This is an ideal house for students, and for a home-based business. Unexpected change may occur from time-to-time, for example, guests that arrive at short notice, or the occurrence of unusual experiences such as apparitions.