We have arrived at the mid-point of the year, an energetic tipping point. After a lot of preparation, the energy is building and will continue to build until the end of December. June is a Universal 3 month, (6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3), providing us with an extrovert energy that contrasts deeply with the more passive 2 energy experienced in May (5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 11; 1 + 1 = 2). 

Number 3 is attributed to the planet Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius, a Fire sign urging us to expand our awareness through travel or spiritual pursuits.

Three is on the mental plane, helping us to be more consciously aware of how we use our life force. Our attention will be on the big picture and what is really going on in our world. If we are able to connect with this spiralling change as observers, we can watch the direction of flow of these energies without getting caught up in the drama.  

At a personal level, this potent energy supports us in moving out of old patterns of behaviour and outworn beliefs. This is creative energy bringing a focus to self-expression, supporting us to manifest our desires. Manifestation can only occur if we send a loud and clear message out to the universe. It’s important for us to speak up for what we want and to say what we really mean.

Speaking of manifesting, I’ve been fortunate to have experienced some of the many wonders of Egypt and eagerly look forward to another incredible Egyptian adventure soon.

There are several things we can do to work with this month’s energy. This is the time for fun and entertainment, and satisfaction will be gained from spending time in good company with family and friends. Feeding the mind is important and we may be drawn to search out new places to visit, or simply to explore documentaries of other places and cultures from the comfort of our own homes. 

We may have an urge to work with colour to bring new life to a room in our home or to finish that piece of artwork. All these activities bring a certain vibrancy into our lives as well as enrichment.

One of the negative aspects of the 3 is that we can take on too much. Our energies are likely to be scattered, so it’s important to use any opportunity that comes along to ground and centre. We can do this through meditation, walking barefoot on the Earth, or hugging a tree. We can also deepen our connection with the Universe by going outside at night and gazing at the stars. This is an exciting month where we can more readily expand our awareness, our oneness, and our sacredness. 

Taking a brief look at name numerology, the first letter of your name holds significance. If your name begins with C, L, or U, as in for example the names Carol, Liam, or Una, these letters carry the 3 vibration. You are generous, creative, and confident. It should be noted that although significant, the first initial of your name holds less power than the Life Path number obtained by adding up the numbers in your birth date and reducing these to a single digit.