With April comes a slowing down of our energies. April is a 2 month (4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 11; 1 + 1 = 2), associated with the Moon, and the sign of Cancer. The Moon illuminates, bringing opportunities for self-reflection and self-realisation, and supports us in releasing ancestral patterns that no longer serve us. Two is the number of unconditional love and wisdom; its vibration helps us expand our awareness, as well as our realisation that we are all divinely connected.

Unlike the individualised and self-focussed 1 energy that we experienced in March, number 2 is about two or more people. Relationships may blossom, as there’s likely to be more understanding, and give and take. Not only is there increased connectivity with others; this month is likely to bring an increase in pregnancies and births. 

The Moon governs the stomach, so it’s important that we go with our gut feelings, rather than use reasoning or logic. Striking a balance between our outer and inner worlds is especially important. Disharmony may result in mental stress, or physical issues such as indigestion or stomach upsets. 

This month Master number 11 also comes into play. Eleven is the Spiritual Messenger, connecting heaven with our Earthly plane. If we are open to receive, messages will come to us in our dreams, and in meditation. 

Personally, I also love receiving those messages that are sent to us in physical form; perhaps a white feather that unexpectedly flutters to the ground at our feet, the Eagle soaring in the sky, or those repeating number patterns on our iPhone or car number plates. Vibrations flow with the rhythmic nature of the universe, and when we take time to slow down and allow these pulsations of Light to flow through us, we experience the unfolding of magical happenings, and remembrances of who we truly are.

As we move through 2023, we are being given an opportunity to open our hearts more, to be more generous, to love and to feel the love. Opening out hearts may increase feelings of vulnerability, so it’s important to remember that as we continue to evolve spiritually, we are being supported. 

Continuing the theme of house numbers commenced last month, I hope you’ll enjoy these snippets of information regarding the numerology of house numbers 2 and 11:


The number 2 house with its gentle energy usually offers a warm welcome to others. This is a friendly house where visitors pop in for a quick up of tea and a chat and end up staying much longer than planned. This house is perfect for newlyweds, for raising children and for home businesses. Expect interesting dejà-vu type experiences and precognitive dreams. This is not a house that likes to be rushed. To avoid frustrations, occupants would be wise to have patience, and to take care of details. 


Number 11 is the first of four Master numbers and represents intuition and illumination. Visually, this house usually has a great deal of street appeal. It may look cosy and welcoming or may possibly exude an air of mystery. 

Many inspirational conversations are likely to take place inside the home, with secrets shared. As with all Master numbers, the 11 house is likely to bring challenging situations to its occupants. These challenges ultimately result in much personal or spiritual growth.

The base number 2 relates to family, and this is an ideal home for newlyweds. Because of the split energy of the two 1s, endings are also possible. Separations may occur with the birth of a baby or through separation from a partner. 

Have a great month, and hopefully a peaceful one with many new insights. I would be very pleased to hear from you should you wish to share some of these magical synchronicities that may be happening in your own lives.