May heralds in a 4 month (5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 13; 1 + 3 = 4). Four is a physical number connected with the earth element. Anything related to movement in or around the Earth is highlighted, bringing the possibility of storms, and further shifting of tectonic plates. Associated with the planet Uranus the great awakener, we can expect extremes and even volatility.

The magnetic field around our planet continues to weaken, allowing the Light to come through. We are experiencing a gradual overhaul of the electrical systems of our body; this is fantastic as it’s speeding up the whole process of awakening of dormant strands of our DNA.

Whilst we continue to navigate momentous changes in our world, these mundane events along with a multitude of solar happenings, are resulting in sudden shifts that serve to help move us forward.

As our awareness evolves, we are also likely to experience a change in our thinking. What we think, we create, and the current forward momentum greatly potentiates our ability to fulfil our deepest desires. Exciting times! We are being fast-tracked into a whole new reality.

This speed of events can be exhausting, so it’s vital that we pause from time to time to replenish both mind and body. The strong connection between number 4 and our personal health also means that we are being called to rest more, go out in nature, and drink more water to support our body’s changing needs. 

Here are three things we can do to work with this month’s energy: