Hello Everyone

November is a 5 month in numerology (1+1+2+0+1+9=14; 1+4=5). This can be a fun month as the ‘5’ brings a vibration that is both light-hearted and playful. This is a good time to accept invitations to parties and to indulge in other forms of entertainment. Short breaks away from routine are likely to bring much pleasure.

On a more serious note, 5 is the number of freedom; freedom of both thought and action. Deep feelings may surface to be dealt with and to help free ourselves from restrictions that limit our progress. With the planet Mercury as its ruler, communication is vital.

Five is also the number of change. Change can be as simple as a change of mind about a car purchase or as complex as a major life decision to move to another country to live.

This is the time to speak up as we are being supported to communicate our needs and to make a difference on a personal or mundane level.

In my local community in the northern suburbs of Perth there is major activity against proposed new Optus 5G towers being approved. This is because of concerns about serious health ramifications if they become operational. Of course, the 5G issue is one that is world-wide; nonetheless whatever our opinion on the pros and cons of its implementation, or our opinion on any other matter, the energies of November are perfect for us to take a stance and for our voice to be heard.

No doubt, most of us will experience November as a hectic, high activity month. Our energy can become scattered and we may easily lose focus, however, if we are mindful of this and focus on one thing at a time, much can be achieved.

If you would like to know more about your own personal numbers, you are welcome to contact me for a reading. I am planning a new series of workshops commencing next January and would love to hear from you if you are interested.

Many Blessings,