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Jeanne Prosper, you truly are a very special soul and so talented at what you do!
Energy by numbers are so accurate, it’s like putting a puzzle together and feeling totally compete.

I have started reading your book  “Numerology and your child” and find it fascinating, what a fabulous and interesting resource it is.

I’m very much looking forward to our next meeting. To all of you out there wanting to understand your numbers and connect your own personal puzzle. I would highly recommend Jeanne for a numerology reading, she is amazing.


It makes sense

When I got the numerology reading I ordered from Jeanne it felt like a piece of me just fell into place, the things that I felt for a long time finally making sense. I feel blessed that she did this for me and thoroughly recommend her. I look forward to reading her book.



Over the years Jeanne has done many numerology readings regarding my children and grandchildren, and I continue to be amazed at the accuracy of them. It also tells me that if by applying a mathematical formula it can produce an accurate plan of life…. Then our lives may not be random?’



I have long been interested in numerology and had both of my children’s charts done when they were born. Not only were they a lovely window into the future but so far they have been accurate too.

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