Wow! Where did January go? February is already upon us, and time is certainly speeding up as momentum grows.

February is an 8 Universal month (2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 8). Ruled by Saturn, overseeing the sign of Capricorn, the 8 energy is protective, helping anchor us deeply into Mother Earth, especially relevant during these chaotic times. This grounding energy increases resolve, enabling us to move through any challenges more easily. 

As the number of balance, the 8 helps us stay with our own inner truths, balancing any conflicts that arise between our own inner selves and our current experience of the outer world, restoring equilibrium. Another powerful 8 quality is that it helps deepen our own inner authority and supports decision-making as we navigate the unknown.

Number 2 is equally as important as the 8. The Moon has ownership of the number 2 and rules the sign of Cancer. Relationships, friendships, and children are highlighted. We are being given the opportunity to readjust our choices and our values and to find new ways to deepen our connection within ourselves and with others. As many of us are feeling alone or isolated it’s important to reach out to friends for mutual companionship and support. 

It’s also important to focus ourselves where inspiration flows so that we don’t become depleted by the happenings of the external world. This is about holding our own inner space. Intuition is strong and dreams will have special significance at the present time. 

The 2 vibration is being massively emphasised currently as February contains four 2s (2/2022). Number 2 is known as the ‘Peacemaker’, and usually there is a gentle quality that would prevail throughout the month. However, four 2s is such an overbalance that the whole month is likely to be intense, unpredictable, and erratic. Fortunately, thanks to the stability of the 8, this energy is greatly mitigated and less volatile than it could be.  

At a universal level, two dates hold great significance. Gateways will open on February 2nd (2/2/2022) and again on the 22nd (22/2/2022), as new codes of Light stream down to Earth. Codes of Light are vibrational frequencies that carry codes of creation. These codes are being imprinted into our DNA as part of an evolutionary upgrade. We can more readily receive these new energies by making a space in our day for a little quiet time, simply by sitting in nature, meditating, or listening to music.

As well as physical cellular changes occurring deep within our bodies, our human frequency is expanding, and consciousness is rapidly changing. The scales are beginning to tip as the world starts its journey back into balance. During these difficult times it is heartening to know that as we leave the old energy behind, we are moving into an energy of abundance.