If, like me you live in Perth, Western Australia, you’re probably finding it hard to believe that as we move through the month of June, winter is upon us. We’re experiencing beautiful warm, sunny weather and clear blue skies. As I write, I’m sitting in my back garden breathing in bucketloads of glorious fresh air whilst listening to birdsong. How lucky am I!

In numerology June 2019 is a Universal 9 month. To work this out we add 6+2+0+1+9=18; 1+8=9. Nine is at the end of the number plane and signifies completion. Life has come full circle.

This is the month to round things off and to let go of anything that no longer serves us. Whether it’s ending a relationship, winding down a business or selling our house, the universe is supporting us to let go.

Mars rules the number 9. Mars is the action planet bringing much drive and energy. Mars also brings drama into our lives. In the presence of Mars and particularly in the current energy of universal change we may vent pent-up emotion and may more readily become angry.

Anger is not only a form of release but can also be the impetus for personal change. Through tough experiences and raw emotion we can expect at this time to have more breakthrough moments that will propel us forward into the future.

Three beneficial things to do in June are:
Connect with others. This is a time of collaborative effort, not a time for going it alone.
Tie up loose ends. Complete that project or piece of Artwork that needs finishing.
Clean out your cupboards and give your garden a good tidy up. Any form of decluttering will leave room for new energy and new beginnings next month.
If you were born on the 9th day of the month, have multiple 9s in your birthdate or your birthdate adds up to 9, you carry the 9 energy with you throughout life. Nine is at the end of the physical plane and is said to be the number of wisdom. When in balance, 9s are the helpers, the teachers and the humanitarians.

Because 9s love drama many are seen in the entertainment industry. English singer and songwriter Adele is one such example of a 9 Life Path. Her birthdate is 5th May 1988. (5+5+1+9+8+8=36; 3+6=9).

Have a great month of completion,