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Basic Session

Giving insights into your personal numbers this 30-minute session is ideal if you’re new to numerology and want to find out more. Alternatively, we can look at the potential in your child’s numbers.

In-Depth Session

This 60-minute session provides deeper insights into your life’s purpose and potential or can be used for specific questions or issues.

Touchbase Session

As a follow-up to an in-depth session, these 30-minute sessions are designed to support you as you continue to work with specific issues. These may be around health, wealth, relationships or spirituality.

Child’s Numerology Report

Designed to give insights into your child’s unique potential, this personalised report provides a wealth of information regarding personality characteristics.

It highlights strengths and talents as well as areas where extra support may be needed. Your child’s Destiny is also derived from their full name.

This chart is also a lovely gift for new parents or parents of small children. All that is needed is a birthdate and full name.

Payment of Readings
Pay for your reading and then email us with the information for the recipient. Once we receive your payment we will contact you.

Payment of Charts
Pay for this chart and then we will contact you by email as soon as possible requesting specific details so we can complete the chart.

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