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Monthly Archives: April 2020


Last month, in experiencing the introspective 7 energy, external happenings saw us withdraw from many of our usual everyday activities and seek new ways to function. The 7 energy causes us to feel things very deeply and March (3 2 0 2 0 = 7), has definitely been a difficult and worrying month for us all. Seven is a spiritual number so vibrationally the expression of grief in any form helps strengthen us spiritually, even though we may not think so when experiencing overwhelming emotions.

I was fortunate to have incredibly positive spiritual experiences in New Zealand, attending a healing workshop and travelling around parts of the beautiful North island. I flew into Auckland the day before the New Zealand border was closed to incoming overseas travellers. The universe was definitely supporting me on my spiritual journey, even though I did have to return home to Perth a few days earlier than planned before the Australian government closed our own borders. I was grateful that Qantas ground staff helped me get through flight cancellations, delays, and airport congestion. I am now back in Perth enjoying the mandatory two weeks self-isolation.

I’ve been catching up by phone and Skype with friends I haven’t spoken to for some time and checking in on my 98-year old neighbour who lives alone. As well as doing a great deal of self-reflection, I’ve also been doing lots of writing. I feel very blessed to have the freedom of my garden as many people are confined to small one-bedroom flats and apartments several stories high.

April 2020 is an 8 Universal month (4 2 0 2 0 = 8). Number 8 when placed on its side is the infinity symbol. Comprised of two circles, one circle represents the physical and the other the spiritual. We are being asked at the present time to rebalance both our outer and our inner worlds.

The 8 energy brings increased energy and confidence and supports us in manifesting our dreams. Whereas March saw us retreat and go within, April has a grounding energy helping give resilience.

During these difficult times it is heartening to know that we are moving into an energy of abundance. We are being given the opportunity to readjust our choices and our values and to find new ways to deepen that connection both with ourselves and with those in our lives. Our human frequency is expanding.

The planetary ruler of number 8 is Saturn, ‘old man time’. Saturn brings a slowing down of energy and helps us plan one step at a time. It also brings resilience and supports us in our decision-making. Saturn rules the zodiac sign of Capricorn, so this month is about Earth energy.

As well as physical and economic challenges, many of us are currently experiencing mental or emotional overwhelm. We can release some of these worries and emotions by grounding our energies into the Earth. Being out in nature, or if this is not possible, simply looking at photos or pictures of nature will help us ground and centre our energies. For me, the photo of Uluru (at the top of this newsletter) helps me feel grounded and connected. My eldest granddaughter is teaching herself macramé, and creative pursuits provide another avenue of grounding and bringing us back to the present. Overload is also diffused at rest and in connecting with those we love.

This month we are likely to see a lot of changes in the corporate world and with the world’s global players; ultimately I believe these changes will even the playing field. I don’t usually make mundane predictions, but my thoughts are that the Coronavirus will start to disappear towards the end of May (May is a 9 month in numerology, a time of completion). We are about to step into the new energy. This is the most exciting time in history, and I am looking forward to seeing how this unfolds in the coming months.

All numbers have a positive and a negative energy. It is also possible to feel isolated and alone in the 8 energy, especially given the current environment. If you are feeling alone or anxious, I am always available to chat. Just send me a quick email and we can connect by phone.

With much Love and many Blessings.

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